Why Kiix?


Protect Your Investment

Shield the heels of your shoes with Kiix the same way you protect your phone with a screen protector.

How many times have you ruined a pair of heels with just a nick, scrape or scuff? KiiX are revolutionary new heel protectors that cover the outer surface of your high heel to guard against the hazards of everyday wear. To apply KiiX, just peel off the backing, tear along the perforations to match your heel size, and press on.

At Just for KiiX, we’re thinking about you and your shoes. Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your shoes in the best shape. Preserve the investment that you’ve made in your high heels by using KiiX heel protection to keep them looking like new for many years to come.

Invisible, Invincible & Indestructible Protection from KiiX

When our founder set out to make KiiX, it was her goal to find a product that really worked. With Just for KiiX, she succeeded in harnessing technology and research to create a heel protector that offers an efficient and effective solution.

KiiX are the best choice in high heel protectors because they are:


KiiX create a crystal-clear barrier between your heels and the hazards of everyday life. KiiX are simple to apply and remove, and leave no marks or sticky residue.


Constructed from advanced polymers and consumer tested on city streets, KiiX heel protectors are engineered to withstand every peril encountered by your beloved heels.


KiiX will make your high heels nearly indestructible and ready to go anywhere your feet take you.

Experience KiiX Heel Protectors for Yourself

Quit wasting your money and time on nice high heels that are easily ruined by investing in heel protection from Just for KiiX. Purchase KiiX online today, or find out how you can become a Just for KiiX retailer and sell our fabulous product in your store.

Just for KiiX makes high heel protectors that are easy to use on heels of all types. Buy KiiX online or find them at retailers across the country.