Tips and Tricks



Here are just a handful of trips and tricks to help you get the most out of your high heels and your KiiX high heel protectors!

Regardless of how unique your high heels are, KiiX high heel protectors designed to adapt to any size of heel. Simply center your KiiX on your high heel with the small notch on the top of your heel with the seam on your shoe. To align your KiiX properly with your high heel, make sure the bottom on your KiiX is directly above the heel of your shoe.

On kitten heels apply your KiiX high heel protector upside down. You may need to remove the perforations for kitten heels. The inside of some high heels may be decorative or made of materials like rubber. If your high heels were made this way then you do not need to wrap your KiiX high heel protectors around the insides of the heels. For these heels use the inner most perforations. If your heels are on the thicker side, use the entire KiiX high heel protector to wrap around the entire heel.

We found that most of the damage to high heels occurs within an inch of the heel caps. With this in mind, KiiX was designed with added material to be used as a second layer of protection for this sensitive area giving you the protection you need. This much needed protection will do a great job protecting your high heels from grass, gravel, mud, and car floor mats. If your looking to purchase KiiX high heel protectors, they are available in black and clear. If you have any questions please use the contact form below.