Just for KiiX: Solving a Common Problem

Our founder, Heather Bridgers, was frustrated with seeing her beautiful high heel shoes damaged by sidewalks, concrete and daily use, so she set out to find a simple and savvy solution for heel protection. The result is Just for KiiX. What began as an idea to solve a personal challenge that was costing her time, money and pain caused by damaged heels, became a business that helps women all over the world protect their investment in heels.

Besides being a wife, mother and CEO of a rapidly growing company, she is a practicing attorney in Raleigh, NC. You’ll find Heather always on the go in beautiful high heels protected, of course, by Just for KiiX! Learn more about Heather and the beginnings of Just for Kiix, the world’s best high heel protector, by reading her letter below.

A Letter from Our Founder, Heather Bridgers

First, I want to thank you for visiting Just for KiiX website! I welcome your comments and feedback.

Like you, I enjoy beautiful shoes. Each pair of high heels has a special story of discovery and selection. And, there are the sad stories of damaged heels from everyday encounters with common street and sidewalk hazards. Preventing these annoying and costly incidents and giving high heels a fighting chance became a personal goal.

I went in search of the very best solution knowing that the product had to be

  • virtually invisible and not alter the look of the shoe
  • durable to stand up to streets, curbs, escalators and grates
  • work in all types of weather conditions
  • easy and quick to apply without glue or scissors.
  • easily removed so a new one could be applied instantly

To pursue this tall list of strict product requirements, I formed a team of expert technical advisors consisting of PhD level scientists and seasoned industry leaders in the academic and commercial arenas. I asked them to identify highly durable, virtually invisible materials we could test. I held candid, objective focus groups with women in the US and the UK. Their open feedback guided the exploration to produce Just For KiiX. For a year, a team of product testers wore KiiX around cities across the US and abroad to validate that “they really work.” I also had lab testing done to ensure KiiX performed under extreme temperature and moisture/water conditions over time. KiiX passed with great reviews, and I received many encouraging stories of how they saved heels from various nasty encounters. Then, Just for KiiX was fully ready for customers and US patent pending and trademarking.

Next, I hit the road to showcase Just For KiiX at key fashion footwear events. I received many highly favorable customer comments during exhibits at Moda, the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY) and the Magic Platform in Las Vegas. What was amazing and gratifying was the encouragement of other exhibitors, as well as the buyers. These events were the launch points to bring Just for KiiX to discerning customers.

The next wonderful moment was when Nordstom.com selected to offer KiiX. I was so grateful and thrilled to receive this encouraging endorsement.

KiiX protects heels at a fraction of the cost of the shoe. And since KiiX are easily applied before damage occurs, you can save time and money. No more trips to the shoe repair shop. No more frustration and disappointment when you ruin a heel.

Now we step into the future knowing our favorite shoes will stay looking great. We hope you try Kixx for yourself; and we think you will be delighted!

The KiiX story is still unfolding, so please join us as we grow! We’d love to hear from you and see KiiX in action. Follow us and share your photos and feedback on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Thank you,
Heather Bridgers

Just for KiiX offers a solution to damaged high heels with durable and easy-to-apply KiiX heel protectors for clients and retailers, nationwide.

If you have any questions about KiiX heel protectors, please call us at (919) 412-3560 or use the short form below