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  • Clear KiiX - 2 Pairs for Shiny Heels


    Walking along a gravel surface always poses a threat for any individual in any type of high heel. Often times, just a few steps across those numerous tiny rocks results in a dreaded scuff, scrape, or scratch of all sizes, which ruin or damage our precious heels. Gravel doesn’t discriminate; no heel is safe from the almost inevitable blemish that results from a qui ...

  • Clear KiiX - 6 Pairs for Shiny Heels


    Practically everyone knows that walking thru mud with high heels is a tragedy waiting to happen. Your heels sink into the mud, they become extremely dirty, or worse, they get scuffed and scratched. Sometimes, avoiding mud is impossible and we must try our best to protect our heels. However, the chances of escaping a muddy area without some sort of blemish on your ...